I have retired my old website – crisangelesphotography.com and have chosen to move to a new domain: cris.ph. I think this is a better choice since obviously, cris.ph is way simpler. Moving out of the “photography” domain gives me flexibility on the content of my website. Now, I am able to separate my blog posts such as this and my portfolio items or gallery.

Much needs to be done to this site of course and this is still on beta phase. While the look might not change anymore, there are still some that needs to be addressed (image size, format for uniformity), font, color theme, etc. The most crucial part of designing a website is finalising how it will look like since seeing an issue or realizing something is better months or years after deployment is hard. Establishing the ‘brand’ and look is hard. 🙂

The move to cris.ph has been decided months ago but the progress with this new site has been slow. Real slow that the old website is already expired with its old contents still left un-uploaded here (apologies models and moms!). I am thinking if it will be best if I just group photo sessions by months (for those that will be re-uploaded) or if I will still go and do one entry per session (which will mean more photos to re-export, more photos to upload, and more posts to create).

For now, I am taking it slow and update the look every once in a while. If I see myself saying I am good with the look, then I will start uploading contents backwards (newest first).